Electronic Container offers new and
refurbished products
Best Known Solutions
First, we listen to you. The companies we represent offer a wide range of products, and we can
help you determine exactly which solution addresses your specific manufacturing or technical
issue cost-effectively.
Depending on the product and company, we can arrange for you to try out a demo unit, talk to
current customers, visit current installations, or meet with technical experts.

In response to your RFP, we facilitiate creation and timely delivery of quotes, proposals, and/or
specifications. We arrange and coordinate technical meetings for specification discussions.
We can help you fill out credit forms, ensure your purchase order is consistent with the quote, and
make sure your order is processed as quickly as possible.
Working with you and the supplier, we keep your order on track and you well-informed of the
We coordinate expert training, offer product maintenance consulting, and send calibration
reminders for some types of equipment.
Depending on the product and company, we offer installation services or can assist you with